Our haylage is a rye grass mix of Cotwold seeds.

Haylage is cut and wilted to a dry matter content of 65% to 75% dry matter to maximise leaf fracture and minimise nutrient loss. we aim to get the dry matter to this percentage to ensure you're not simply buying water bulked produce. Once we achieve this dry matter percentage the haylage is then wrapped tightly to eliminate oxygen and create anaerobic conditions for fermentation to occur. Then, just like a fine wine, haylage will be mature.

How much to feed

A 500kg horse in light work could have fibre requirements of 8kg to 12kg and the haylage has approximately 65% dry matter. This means that about 15kg of haylage per day should meet your horses requirements.

The rye grass mix is high in fibre and will be popular with any horse or pony.

Haylage Analysis

haylage Analysis

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